Color Us Rad!

Saturday morning me and mine and my sister and hers all got up at the you-know-what of dawn and went to Color Me Rad. Our (8 between us) kids ranged from her 3 year old twins to my 20 year old, we were quite the rag tag assortment.

We were a little late (we have a rep to keep up) and it was a wee bit warm but there was a nice breeze, they were handing out plenty of water, and we had a blast.  I think the kids favorite part is that they were not only allowed to get dirty, they were allowed to get OTHER people dirty.  The twins were rubbing their hands in the colored powder on the ground and then on peoples shirts, pre-school heaven.

Here’s our running crew.  AfterColorMeRadNeedless to say we did a whole lot of walking and trading the wee ones back and forth; they walked, ran and hitched rides  at will.  The run was on the fairgrounds so we didn’t feel uncomfortable letting the older ones run ahead of us. No cars and nowhere to get lost!

As much as I’d love for these fun runs to instill a love of running in the kids you really can’t say what will happen.  But I can say that events like this are a great way to spend the day as a family, get away from computers, and make great memories.  And my kids have all of their race bibs pinned to their wall.  I didn’t suggest it, so it makes me happy to see that they are proud of them.

And seriously, who couldn’t use a little more boom, a little more rad, and a little more color in their day?

The boysTo top it all off I had the added benefit of a build in chauffeur.  I still don’t get why people don’t love having teenagers around.  Well, OK, it depends on the day.

My DriverMy family’s other favorite thing to do together is eat, the family is Italian so we can get 40 people and 10 pounds of pasta together in a heartbeat. Like magic!

The family that plays together… probably bickers all the way there and back, but whatever.  How about you, what do you and your family like to do together?

Disclosure: I received race entries in exchange for posting about Color Me Rad.

17 thoughts on “Color Us Rad!

  1. Sounds like great fun! Still can’t help wondering what the purpose of Colour Me Rad is? Looked at their home page and still am not sure what makes someone create such an organisation?

  2. Fun times! I have done a couple of The Color Run races with my family and friends but haven’t experience Color Me Rad. It seems like each year they are trying to add more bells and whistles to keep it fresh, which is good because I suppose otherwise it can get a bit monotonous. Breathing that stuff was rough though – I felt like it stuck to my lungs! 😉

    • Breathing in the color can be a bit much, but it wasn’t overwhelming at this one. I love these events because they get the rest of my family excited about running. Bells and whistles don’t hurt either!

  3. I have never heard of Color Me Rad before but for youngsters it sounds like a lot of fun. Any event that promotes physical activity like running has got to be a good thing. Glad you all had a good time – you look good in colors.

  4. this year was my second year doing Color Me Rad. It’s such a great fun run to do with the kiddos. My 2 year old loved it!! But next year I’m bringing a bandana or something to cover my mouth when going through the “color zones.”

    • Wear white, have fun, bring a bandana to cover your nose & mouth if you have asthma or just think the powder will bother you, and realize your car will get colorful on the way home too if you don’t bring something to protect the seats! My car is still a rainbow, but I like it. 🙂

  5. In India they have the Holi festival which means that for a couple of days people are throwing colored dye over everyone in sight. There is no run involved but the act of making everything colorful is energizing enough.

  6. What a great family experience! You never know if your kids will turn out to be runners, but I guarantee they’ll have good family memories. Was this run for any particular cause?

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