The Chicks

A little while back I mentioned how I had read about a great defense against slugs. What I read is that chickens are great for eating bugs, they can get an out of control yard (mines not.  Mostly.) in control in no time.  Cool!  But, you know, who would go buy chickens when they live in a neighborhood with a crazy strict HOA?

So I kept reading and asked my dad to find out about the HOA since he used to be on the board or something.  I read that chicken poop is great for gardens, and chickens in general are great for composting.  Not the birds themselves (gross) the fact that they scratch around all day pooping nitrogen and eating things like weeds and bugs.  The scratching and eating part helps break down everything into a nice compost.

Also, I read they don’t really take all that much time.  Once they’re big enough to move outside into a coop anyways.

Also, my dad found out for me that I can have a limited number of hens, just no roosters.

And so I went and got 4 little tiny baby chicks. Look how these 2 have grown in less than 3 weeks!   Nugget (my daughter named her(?)) already has a comb on her head!  I’m afraid that may mean she’s a he.

Nugget and the Baby


The didn’t even have feathers when we got them, just fuzz and now they are in an awkward in between stage.  Still cute though!

This weekend I build the coop, I’m pretty excited about it since I’ve never made anything like that before.  Another adventure!

So far the chicks have been fun and my kids are already thinking a little more about where their food is coming from, without any prodding from me at all.  Have you ever had chickens or other outside birds?  Would you?




12 thoughts on “The Chicks

  1. Nothing against CHICKS but it sounds as though your HOA is sexist ! I expect that what you are doing will become more prevalent and although there are pros and cons I think that on balance it is a positive development.

  2. Yes, I know all about chickens – I grew up on a chicken farm before all of today’s regulations – fast forward – what are you going to do with the chickens when they get old (homegrown, organic chickens make the best soup stock in the world.

    • I’m vegetarian – they’ll kind of just be pets that help me compost and hopefully eat tons of bugs. I keep hearing how interesting they are to watch, I guess I’ll see.

  3. How cute! My neighbor has chickens and the kids love to go visit them. She insists they’re easy to take care of, but I’m happy letting my kids benefit from her chicks without having to build my own coop!

  4. I had a co-worker who raised chickens but he raised them to eat them and did his own slaughtering. I think i will stick to dogs.

  5. hello; for one season my family added a petting zoo to our traveling carnival. we had chickens ducks pot bellied pigs goats sheep and rabbits. the only thing i rmembr is that when the fellow who had been managing the zoo quit we had to get rid of the animals because none of the help like the idea of being tied to the location. it does sound like your kids are learning a good lesson and a lot of hoa’s allow chickens as long as there are no roosters. good luck with them and your garden. take care, max

  6. This reminds me of one of my late uncle who used to have a small farm in his backyard. What i didn’t like (infact I do not like it even now) was the idea of slaughtering those poor creatures just for the sake of a nice dish!!

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