Barefoot Ramblings (with my shoes on)

So I’ve been at my new job about a month now.  I get off work at 5 EVERY DAY and I’m home by 5:40 if I  drive slow.  Um, ya I’m still thrilled.  I never used to be home before 6:30 and that was the one week a month I didn’t have to work a later shift. 

What difference does it make?  Well, I can do laundry and other fun stuff during the week and leave more of my weekends to feel like weekends.  That alone is pretty nice.  Today I actually took the dogs to the woods across the way for a walk, came home and ate dinner, and it’s still light out.  Craziness!

I used to run the trails over there barefoot when I first started the barefoot running thing, but since I’ve seen signs over there for wild hog hunts and someone on Facebook posted a picture of a very, very large cat in that park.  Now I get freaked out when I hear a lizard crawling through the leaves over there. One bad thing about running barefoot (besides the occasional stepping in yuck) is I feel a bit more vulnerable. What am I going to do, kick something attacking me with my bare foot?  Great, I’ll break a toe but at least it won’t matter because some rabid beast will be eating my leg anyway.

I’ve recently realized that since I started running barefoot in January I’ve worn shoes a lot less in general.  I’ve always been one to wear shoes to work that I can kick off under my desk but these days I rarely even wear them when I go visiting the family.  I tend to take them off when walking in the rain because water makes my sandals slippery. And honestly, that makes perfect sense to do, but I never used to, I’d slip around on my shoes all night instead.

It makes me kind of wonder.  Why do people not do the sensible?  It’s sometimes a bit embarrassing to walk around barefoot in public (bar hopping lets you get away with it though) just because no one else is.  I have no desire to make any kind of statement but if it’s more comfortable and easier, why not?

The biggest thing I wonder is if other people who run barefoot find themselves wearing their shoes less and less?

Short Run and a Little Yoga.

I haven’t been running too much lately, I’ve just been too tired.  I decided I’d try a mile again tonight, and I did it but I had to stop in the middle for a few minutes.  Between the heat, the humidity, and being sick the last few weeks I don’t even know if I should try and run or not, but that sounds like a bit of a cop out so I figured I better!

So I did my slow mile and then looked on line for a short yoga video.  I didn’t feel like doing the after run yoga I usually do so I decided to try one specifically aimed at feet instead.  After all, if you’re going to run barefoot you should watch out for your feet, right? This one felt kind of silly while I was doing it, but my neck and feet where both undeniably relaxed afterwards so I can’t complain!  However, it’s not going on my after a run list since it is very focused on just the two areas.

Yoga Therapy for the Feet and Neck with Erica Fritch

It’s been much too long since I did yoga regularly, it is soooo good for everything!  I’m going to start looking a bit harder for a good yoga video on line specifically aimed at barefoot runners, maybe I’ll find something awesome.

One Barefoot Mile to Motivation

So, I haven’t run since I wrote No More Excuses.  On the plus side I DID say it would be a couple of weeks before I got into my new schedule.  On the bad side, really? An entire month without running? 

I do have good excuses though. I was out of town for a week and that gave me a reason not to bother running until I got back (2 weeks down). By the time I got back my ulcerative colitis started acting up. Still is actually – you’ll have to trust me – that’ll keep you from wanting to go running by itself. But to be honest I’m not that sick, it’s nothing but an excuse at this point.  

Today is National Running Day.  I don’t know why or even what that means.  However, it sounds impressive!  So I decide that the least I could do was go run 1 slow mile.  So I did. Hmmm, amazing what happens when you try.

My mile wasn’t fast and it wasn’t amazing. Garmin says my pace was a 13:07 mile which is slow enough that I should probably be embarrassed to even say it in public. But I’m not. Because somewhere on the way I found my motivation.  I remembered that I actually like running and that it makes me feel great.

And if that wasn’t enough?

I finished my mile and started walking home thinking I may have to do a mile again tomorrow instead of waiting a day and running further.  I was feeling very good but a still little upset with myself that I hadn’t run in so long and that I wasn’t running 10 miles by now. After all, if I’d been running steady since the first day I ever started running I’d be running ultras by now.

As I was walking home I passed 2 guys who asked me if I was really running barefoot.  Um, yes.  They were tough looking guys but they told me I must be made of steel to be running barefoot.  Um, me?  There isn’t a steel or tough bone in my body.  But it certainly felt good to have some one mistakenly think so! As if I wasn’t motivated enough after running that reminded me that running can be all about perception.  I was embarrassed to only run a mile and these guys thought I was somehow tough for running at all barefoot.

All in all it was a funny, motivating night and I think it was more than enough to get me back on the running wagon.  Too bad I can’t run with a six pack of beer or I’d run it over to that house and celebrate my next mile with them!