War Against the Snooze Button

Today was day 3 in my War Against the Snooze Button. I haven’t actually bounded (or even dragged myself) out of bed at 5 am when it first goes off yet. But I have managed to only hit the button two or three times a day. After all, it is important to leave room for improvement!

This morning I went for a very short, less than 20 minute run.  It doesn’t sound like much because it isn’t much. I am using the excuse that I donated blood yesterday afternoon and needed all of my strength to create shiny new blood.  However, the point was to prove to myself that running in the morning would not result in getting attacked by boars, snakes, wild dogs, or vampires.  Sparkly or otherwise.

 I had let my ipod die so it was a run not only in the dark of  morning, when most humans are not yet out,  but also without music!  I’m pretty sure that makes it count double.

 Actually, it wasn’t bad at all.  No creatures (supernatural or otherwise) lunged at me and it really isn’t even that dark thanks to the street lights.  The only part that was a bit creepy was a bird making a weird noise that I think meant ‘all hope abandon, ye who enter here’.  I made a deal with myself that if I even THOUGHT I heard nevermore I was giving it up and going straight back home.

To top the morning off I tried a new post-running video that was the best one I’ve found so far.  By new I mean a year old, but although I favorited it ages ago I hadn’t actually watched the video until today.

If there is anybody out there and you have a link to a great yoga video please share.  Especially if it’s intended for pre or post running!

Heaven forbid, I think my mom is RIGHT

I was telling my mom about the zombie 5K we signed up for and she said she thought I was becoming ‘obsessed’ with these runs.  Of course I just laughed at her.

This morning I got up a little after 5 to do an arm/core workout.  Usually I drag  myself out of bed with barely enough time to get ready and get to work on time, I find myself eating while driving to work or after I get to work half the time as a result.  But I decided to get back on the wagon as far as working out, after all I only have 2 and a half months to get better prepared for the next 5K!

I went for a run tonight after work (and after an episode of Supernatural) and while I was running I was thinking to myself about what I could build in the back yard to practice getting over walls.  You know, just in case. Would the neighbors think it was weird if I had a rope hanging off the roof and tried climbing it once in a while?   And of course a couple of pvc hurdles out back would be cool, I saw how to make them on the Internet last night.

And even as I sit here with my shoulders and arms sore from this morning my mind is turning with what I can do in the morning if I get up early again… Leg and back workout?  Yoga?  an early run?  I actually find the total quiet of early morning runs too creepy, much prefer to run at night.

Long story short, I think my mother could have been right.  She may have even been underestimating the obsession!

Signed up for a Zombie run!

Clay just signed us up for a 5K obstacle course with ZOMBIES!  It’s the Saturday before Christmas, I bet it’ll be a lot safer place to be than any shopping center.

I am very determined to be better prepared for this one. I’m going to have to start getting up early and getting a workout in before work to be sure to make it over (through, under, whatever) all of the obstacles this time!

Just to be sure to be properly psyched we’re going to Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights this Friday.  Walking Dead?  Enough said.