Finished the C25K!

I have officially finished the C25K plan.  That is I can run 30 minutes, not so much that I can run 3 miles.  This morning I’m going to map out 3 miles through the neighborhood in my car so I can see how far that is.  At my speed it’ll probably be a three hour run, but we shall see.

My next goal is to start one of the 5k to 10k plans.  I found one in a podcast for the ipod that I’ll probably use.  Unfortunately it doesn’t have the same huge user base as the C25K plan but I did find a chart of how much running is involved each week.  It’s a lot!   But it sounds really doable because it goes back to very short runs (4-6 minutes) with 60-90 second walks in between.  I’ll have to do a bit more investigating other pans before I decide which one to use, but I definitely need to keep upping my time. 

Someday I’ll start working on my speed as a goal. I’ve notices a lot of people running in this neighborhood now that I’m out and about, and most of them run a whole lot faster than I do.  But that’s a goal for another time.

best run ever – then fell right off the wagon

So Sunday night after I wrote that post I ran on the tread mill for 30 minutes and then did one minute walk and 3 minute run * 4 which was by FAR my best run yet. 

Then Monday my sister had TWINS (yay!) and Tuesday and Wednesday I was sick as a dog and….  my next run was yesterday (Sunday) morning, for about 25 minutes with a walk in the middle.   

So I missed an entire week of running, I did no exercise of any kind to be honest.  I don’t even think I used the stairs at work once which is unusual for me.  Proves the point that a body at rest tends to stay at rest!

But my mom decided that she was going to start the C25K plan so I started week 1 day one with her last night.  She did better than I did my first day, she finished without ever thinking of quitting.  Plus this morning’s almost 25 minute run was with my brother-in-law.  Two runs with two different running partners in one day!

Now that I may have convinced 2 family members that running is all that I better get my butt back out there and on schedule.  So once again my alarm is set for 4:30 a.m. and my sneakers and socks are sitting at the end of the bed.  No more excuses!

By the way, notice how I blame this entire falling off the wagon thing on my sister having babies?  Talk about some negative karma…