Started week 4!

I decided to start running every other day instead of running 3 days a week plus a really light Sunday.  So of course I woke up to my first Monday I was supposed to run and it was raining.  I know I’ll have to get used to running in rain if I’m gonna run in Florida, but I sooo wasn’t feeling it. I did my off day arm and core stuff instead.  But tonight when I got home I felt good so I went out and started week 4.  It’s 2 three minute runs and 2 five minute runs with little walks in between. AND I LIVED.  I didn’t go fast and I did get out of breath, but I don’t care because I still did it.

It was strangely different running at night instead of the morning.  Either way it’s dark, but in the evening there’s a surprising amount of people out doing whatever they’re doing, and plenty out walking their dogs.  I don’t usually like running when people can see me (I feel like I’m pretending to be a runner) but it was kinda nice to have people around, makes me realize how creepy running at 5 a.m. really is!

The best thing is since I wasn’t planning on running tonight I did two days of exercise today.  That means tomorrow can be a guilt free easy day. I’ll do some nice and easy yoga in the morning and spend the rest of the day in zen mode. 

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